WF/M 1 housing: Spare parts and accessories
Uses for WF/M 1 housings:

Water treatment
Chemicals and pharmaceuticals industry
Food and beverages
Photographic industry
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Spare parts and accessories :

Spare parts and accessories Reference number
Spanner for 5“Mignon union nut SCH-WF/Q
Spanner for 10“ and 20“ union nut SF-ZUB 70302
Wall holder for 5“Mignon housing WF/M-5"MIGN/HALTER
Wall holder for 10“ and 20“ housing SF-ZUB 70304
Bowl for 5“Mignon housing WF/M 1-5/BEHÄLTER
Bowl for 10“ housing SF-ZUB 70306
Bowl for 10“ housing with threaded bore hole for drain tap SF-ZUB 70305
Bowl for 20“ housing SF-ZUB 70307
Bowl for 20“ housing with threaded bore hole for drain tap SF-ZUB 70308
O-ring for 5“Mignon bowl (Buna NBR) DG-OR 63.09X3.53
O-ring for 10“ and 20“ bowl (Buna NBR) DG-WF/M6-DICHTUNG
O-ring for 10“ and 20“ bowl (Viton) DG-OR 91,67X3,53/V

Filter cartridges for 5"Mignon housings are available in the following series:
Depth filtration: PO / polypropylene,
Surface filtration: N / nylon, P / paper,
Inox version: M / Solinox RA, MX / Retinox

Filter cartridges for 10" and 20" housings are available in all series.

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