Spin-On diesel fuel filter/water separator - 400 series
Cast aluminium heads with multiple ports
400 series with powerful primer pumps, integrated into mounting heads
400 series with head heater suitable for biodiesel, 12 Volt d.c. - 42 Volt d.c.
See-through bowls constructed of high grade polymers to inspect water-level
Polymer bowls suitable up to 120°C, they won't discolour from exposure to alcohol, additives and UV light
Optional: cast aluminium bowls
Optional: 12 Volt d.c. or 24 Volt d.c.- 200 Watt bowl heater
Optional: water sensor to signal service (not for petrol)
Aquabloc II media is corrugated, allowing greater surface area exposure for fuel filtration and an increased dirt-holding capacity
Spin-On replacement elements available in 2µm, 10µm and 30µm

Image 1

SF-part number Maximum Flow Rate Port Size Micron Rating Inlet Outlet Spin-On Replacement Element
445R30MTC 170 L/h M16x1,5 30µm 2 2 R45P
460R10MTC 227 L/h M16x1,5 10µm 2 2 R60T
460R30MTC 227 L/h M16x1,5 30µm 2 2 R60P
460R30 227 L/h 3/8"-18 NPTF 30µm 2 2 R60P
490R10MTC 340 L/h M16x1,5 10µm 2 2 R90T
490R30MTC 340 L/h M16x1,5 30µm 2 2 R90P
490R2430MTC with 24V bowl heater 340 L/h M16x1,5 30µm 2 2 R90P
4120R10MTC 545 L/h M16x1,5 10µm 2 2 R120T
4120R30MTC 545 L/h M16x1,5 30µm 2 2 R120P
biodiesel version            
460RHH10MTC with 12V-42V head heater 227 L/h M16x1,5 10µm 2 2 R60T-D-MAX
490RHH10MTC with 12V-42V head heater 340 L/h M16x1,5 10µm 2 2 R90T-D-MAX
4160RHH10MTC with 12V-42V head heater 600 L/h M16x1,5 10µm 2 2 R160T

460RHH, 490RHH and 4160RHH power input 300W/28V respectively 200W/15V.

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