Spin-On Replacement Elements
Racor Aquabloc II media is corrugated, allowing graeter surface area exposure for fuel filtration and an increased dirt-holding capacity
Replacement Elements incl. Head and bowl seal Spin-On Replacement Elements are colour-coded : Brown = 2 Micron, Blue = 10 Micron, Red = 30 Micron
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Replacement Elements Micron Rating Application   Replacement Elements Micron Rating Application
R 12S 2µm 120A   R 60S 2µm 460R/660R
R 12T 10µm 120A   R 60T 10µm 460R/660R
R 12P 30µm 120A   R 60P 30µm 460R/660R
R 15S 2µm 215R   R 60T-D-MAX 10µm 460RHH
R 15T 10µm 215R   R 90S 2µm 490R/690R
R 15P 30µm 215R   R 90T 10µm 490R/690R
R 20S 2µm 230R   R 90P 30µm 490R/690R
R 20T 10µm 230R   R 90T-D-MAX 10µm 490RMSC/490RHH
R 20P 30µm 230R   R 90P-D-MAX 30µm  
R 25S 2µm 245R   R 120S 2µm 4120R/6120R
R 25T 10µm 245R   R 120T 10µm 4120R/6120R
R 25P 30µm 245R   R 120P 30µm 4120R/6120R
R 45S 2µm 445R/645R   R 160T 10µm 4160R
R 45T 10µm 445R/645R   R 160P 30µm 4160R
R 45P 30µm 445R/645R   R 260T 10µm 260R
R 52T 10µm 152R   R 260P 30µm 260R
R 52P 30µm 152R        
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