HEPA & ULPA filters V-292 series Filter classes E10 - U15
An outstanding feature of the SF-V292 series is the V-shaped arrangement of the minipleated glass fibre papers in the housing. The housings have a depth of 292 millimetres. Depending on the housing size and filter class, the large filter surfaces allow volumetric flows of up to 4000 m³/h with minor pressure drops. The filter packs are secured in the housing with a dual-component adhesive all round, and the arrangement protects them against damage. The HEPA filters undergo a leakage test in accordance with EN 1822 and are supplied together with a test report.
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Product properties:

Micro glass fibre paper
Moisture resistance up to 100% rel. hum.
Temperature resistance (standard) up to maximum 70°C
Recommended final pressure drop 600 Pa

Classification of HEPA filters in acc. with EN 1822-1:2009 (extract)

Filter class Integral value Integral value Local value Local value
  Filtration efficiency Permeability Filtration efficiency Permeability
E10* 85% 15% - -
E11* 95% 5% - -
E12* 99,5% 0,5% - -
H13* 99,95% 0,05% 99,75% 0,25%
H14* 99,995% 0,005% 99,975% 0,025%
U15* 99,9995% 0,0005% 99,9975% 0,0025%
*EPA: Efficient Particulate Air Filter; HEPA: High Efficiency Particulate Air Filter; ULPA: Ultra Low Penetration Air Filter
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